About the organization
Darchei Miriam charity organization was established in 2002 by Rabbi Israel Weingarten Shalita, descendant of the Weingarten family which heads the Weingarten orphanage for girls in Jerusalem. The organization was established in commemoration of his wife Miriam A"H, daughter of Rabbi Yossef Baruchman, Zt"L who passed away from cancer. Mrs. Miriam was a righteous, generous woman, whose kindness, benevolence, and love were given freely to all. She likewise raised her children in the spirit of charity and giving to others.   

Darchei Miriam aims to reach out to cancer patients. From the moment patients are diagnosed with the disease, Darchei Miriam is there with kindness and love, to reassure patients that someone will be there to help them through the trails they are about to face.

"Darchei Miriam, how may we help you?" – these simple words are enough to provide strength and encouragement to a patient or family member on the other side of the line. Now they know they need not bear the burden of their illness alone. Someone is ready to lend a helping hand: come and take them to the hospital, share a friendly conversation or play an interesting tape to make travel time more enjoyable. All this is like "cool waters to a weary soul" (Proverbs, 25:25).