Wednesday party
Every Wednesday, the comfort corner at the department of oncology hosts a fun party for patients and family members. Each time we are touched to see how happy these events make our patients. You may sponsor such parties to commemorate loved ones or earn a blessing by clicking the "donate now" button.
Mayor's awar
Darchei Miriam charity organization receives the mayor's award, awarded to outstanding organizations in Jerusalem.   --Click here to view photos from the event --
Distributing DVDs to sick children
Darchei Miriam volunteers come twice a week to bring DVDs to the children in the department of pediatric oncology. The children await them impatiently, eager to exchange the movies they received last time with new ones.
Airplane rides
This coming weekend we will be taking 50 children suffering from cancer to an airplane ride above Israel. We know that such experiences have a wonderful effect on the children's ability to deal with their illness.  --Click here to view photos from the event --
Party at the department of oncology
Held in the comfort corner at the Sharet Institute
Singer Lipa Schmeltzer cheers up children
Winter 5768 (2008), singer Lipa Schmeltzer comes to cheers up sick children. Click here to view photos from the event.
Gift certificates for buying shoes
For the holidays, gift certificates for the sum total of US$ 30,000 for buying shoes in the best stores in Jerusalem were distributed to patients and families in our care. The patients expressed their joy and gratitude in many touching thank you notes.